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Services - Jackson Schmidt Consult
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Offering leaders the confidence to tackle any problem

Leading today means facing upheaval, making the hard decisions, and navigating change—often with little information and time. To succeed, potential, new and seasoned leaders need a foundation of skills and knowledge that enable them to act—smartly and decisively—in the moment. Our leadership development programs and customized coaching sessions help to lay that foundation.


Before leaders and potential leaders can benefit from coaching, they need to build self-awareness and fully understand their strengths and weaknesses.

We use one-to-one coaching and assessment tools to help people discover who they are, what they want from their careers, and what they need to do to excel. This is the first step in both our leadership and career development programs.

Career Planning

Are you ready to climb the ladder in your organization? Move to a different company or industry? Start a new business? Or change careers? With one-on-one career planning and coaching, we will work together to chart a plan for your future.

We will isolate the skills you need to take the next step, write a plan for developing those skills, and create specific opportunities for you to practice those skills in the real world.

Succession Planning

Most leaders aren’t prepared for their new roles. They’re thrust into the role with little or no training—and it almost always has a negative impact on the business, at least temporarily.

Ensure that you have a pipeline of ready, capable leaders with a leadership development program that is tailored for your organization. We will evaluate the leadership potential in existing staff and then help groom them to take over when the time comes through practical, hands-on coaching that they can apply in real situations.

Leadership Coaching

When it comes to leadership, you can’t fix it and forget it. To maintain excellence in an always- changing business world, leaders need to commit to ongoing and life-long learning. 

We will work with your leaders—from team leaders all the way up to the C-Suite—to enhance existing skills and develop new skills that empower them to deal with challenges and better manage their employees. We can prioritize skills based on the needs of your business or we can evaluate leaders to determine what skills they need to focus on first. Then we will create a plan that enables them to practice their changed behaviors on the job.

Team Building

Organizations can’t exceed without high-functioning, high-performance teams. We will come into your organization and conduct team-building sessions with teams at all levels to improve collaboration and communication.

So, whether it’s a brand-new team or an established team that is facing some challenges, we can help with strategies and activities that bring the team together and improve performance and productivity.